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Bread And Butter Sandwiches

Butter bread slightly, cut very thin and put the slices together. The bread should be a day old and the butter should be creamed. It is better to butter the bread before it is cut. Remove the crusts.

Boston Brown Bread Sandwiches

Boston brown bread makes delicious sandwiches. Butter, and cut in thin slices, and add a thin round of white bread. Or omit the white bread and fill with chopped nuts.

Fruit Sandwiches

Spread bread and butter sandwiches with cooked dates, figs or prunes, moistened with a little lemon juice and chopped fine. Chopped nuts may be added.

Lettuce Sandwiches

Spread bread and butter sandwiches with a layer of cream dressing and a layer of crisp lettuce leaves, washed and dried thoroughly. Cress also may be used. Trim the edges with a sharp knife.

Nut Sandwiches

Make bread and butter sandwiches, adding chopped nuts and chopped olives to the cream dressing with which they are spread.

Spanish Sandwiches

Cut slices of graham bread very thin, butter, and spread with a layer of cottage cheese sprinkled with salt, mustard, paprika and chopped olives.

Tomato Sandwiches

Remove the skin from a firm tomato and cut in thin slices. Peel a cucumber, cut in half and remove the seeds and chop fine. Lay the tomato between slices of buttered bread, cover with the cucumber and season well with black pepper and salt.

Jelly Sandwiches

Spread sandwiches with jam or fruit jelly and sprinkle with finely chopped English walnuts; or instead of the nuts spread a thin layer of cream cheese.

Marmalade Sandwiches

Butter- and cut white bread in thin slices, spread with orange or quince marmalade, cover with thin slices of brown bread.

Peanut Butter Sandwiches

Mix a cream cheese with two scant tablespoons of peanut butter, and blend thoroughly. Season with salt and spread between thin slices of buttered graham bread.

Government Sandwiches

Mash a cream cheese, and add chopped olives and pimien-tos in equal parts. Season well with salt and paprika. Spread between slices of bread, remove crusts, and cut in fancy shapes or roll.

Toasted Sandwiches

Mix a cream cheese with a little French dressing. Spread thin slices of white bread with the mixture and sprinkle with chopped nuts. Cover with bread and toast over a hot fire.

Flavored Butter Sandwiches

Cream butter with some flavoring extract such as vanilla, orange water, etc., and spread on white bread cut in thin slices and rolled. Sandwiches should always be dainty.

Cheese Sandwiches

Mash or grate American cheese, add salt, a few drops of vinegar, and paprika, with a speck of mustard. Mix thoroughly, and spread between thin slices of bread.

Cheese Paste For Sandwiches

6 ounces grated cheese 4 tablespoons tomato puree

Pepper, salt

Mix the grated cheese to a smooth paste with the tomato puree; add pepper and salt to taste. The paste will keep for three or four days, but it must be kept covered. Spread on thin bread and butter.

Cuban Sandwiches

This sandwich may be described as a sort of club sandwich with cheese. It is usually made large so that it is necessary to eat it with a knife and fork. It may be made in such proportions as to supply a large amount of nourishment.

Cut the crusts from slices of bread. Between two slices lay first lettuce with a little salad dressing, then a slice of soft mild cheese, and finally thin slices of dill pickles or a little chopped pickle.

Toasted Cheese Sandwiches

Plain bread and butter sandwiches with fairly thick slices of cheese put between the slices are toasted, or at chafing-dish suppers may be browned in a pan. Use a slow heat that the cheese may be melted when the bread is browned.

Cucumber Sandwiches

Slices of cucumber Grated cheese

Thin bread and butter Pepper, salt

Take some thin slices of bread and butter. Sprinkle with grated cheese, and dust a very little pepper over them. Lay very thinly sliced cucumber over this, and cover them with more bread and butter; press them slightly together, and cut off the crust. Cut into shapes, and serve on a doily.

Mustard And Cress Sandwiches

Bread and butter

Mustard and cress

Cut some neat slices of bread and butter, and cover them with equal parts of mustard and cress. Cover them with more slices of plain bread and butter. Press them lightly together and cut in neat three-cornered pieces.

The long stalks should be cut away from the mustard and cress before it is used for the sandwiches; when it has been very carefully washed, it should be dried on a clean towel.

Nut Paste For Sandwiches

2 ounces of pine kernels 2 ounces of almonds

4 drops of rose water Juice of 1 orange

Thoroughly grind the nuts by putting them twice through a nut mill. Put them on a plate; add the rose water, and mash them well with a knife, or a wooden spoon; add the orange juice last, and put into small pots and serve like potted meat.