Cheese Ramequins No. 1

1/4 pound of pastry

I ounce grated cheese

Make the pastry from the recipe for tarts. Roll out the pastry very thin; sprinkle over it half the grated cheese, fold the pastry again, and roll out an inch thick. Sprinkle the rest of the cheese.

Stamp it into small rounds with a small pastry cutter, fold the pastry again, and roll it out into an inch thick. Bake in a quick oven, and serve hot piled on a dish.

Cheese Ramequins No. 2

4 ounces grated cheese 3 ounces bread crumbs

1 small teaspoon mixed mustard 1/2 pint milk

1 ounce butter

Boil the milk, and pour over it the bread crumbs, and let them stand on the stove, covered up, for a quarter of an hour. Now mix in the grated cheese, mustard and butter. Butter some little china ramequin cases, and fill them three parts full of the mixture. Bake for about ten minutes in a hot oven, and serve immediately.

Fried Ramequins

1/4 pound Gloucester cheese Cayenne and salt

I ounce butter

1 ounce crushed nuts

I teaspoon chopped parsley

Mix the grated cheese, with melted butter, nuts, and add the seasoning. Put on pieces of bread in a well buttered frying pan, have the pan very hot, and fry five minutes. Serve at once.