Walnut Pie

1/2 pint shelled walnuts 1/2 pint milk Onion juice

1/2 pint bread crumbs 1 teaspoon salt 1 saltspoon pepper

1 tablespoon Hour

Run the bread crumbs and walnuts through a nut mill, then mix them with one tablespoon of butter, onion juice, the flour made into a paste with the milk and seasoning. Bring to a boil in a saucepan and mix thoroughly, then pour into a shallow baking dish and bake a rich brown.

Rice Timbales

1 pint of milk

3 ounces of ground rice

2 ounces of butter

3 mashed potatoes

4 drops of onion juice Pepper and salt

Scald the milk in a double boiler and add the rice which has been mixed with a little of the cold milk; cook for fifteen minutes, then add the mashed potato, butter, onion juice and seasoning. Cook until the mixture is thick; pour into buttered egg cups, press down, leave for five minutes and turn out. Mark the top with a cutter and fry in deep oil or vegetable fat a golden brown. Remove the round from the top, scoop out a little of the rice and fill the depression with a curry mixture or currant jelly.

Spaghetti Croquettes

1/4 pound spaghetti 3 ounces of bread crumbs 1 teaspoon of salt and pepper 1 pint of boiling water

1/4 pound grated cheese 1/2 teaspoon curry powder 1 tablespoon of butter 1 teaspoon of onion juice

Break and cook the spaghetti in quickly boiling water, stir till thick, add the cheese, butter and curry and cook three or four minutes; add the seasoning. Pour on a flat dish to cool, mold into croquettes, crumb them, and fry in deep oil or butter till a golden brown. Serve hot.

Chestnut Patties

1 1/2 pounds of chestnuts 2 tablespoons of cream

2 teaspoons of mixed herbs 8 or 10 pate cases

1/4 pint of milk

Throw the chestnuts into boiling water for half an hour, remove both outer and inner skins, and pass through a fine sieve, then add the cream, milk, herbs and pepper, and mix well together; if too stiff, a little more milk and cream can be added. Fill the cases and put them in the oven for fifteen minutes. Serve, garnished with parsley.