Fruit Toast

For each serving, allow one slice of crisp toasted bread and one-half cup of a fruit sauce such as apple sauce, peach sauce, etc. If berries or fruit juices are used, thicken with cornstarch in the proportion of two teaspoons of cornstarch to one of the liquid or sauce. If desired two slices of breakfast toast or one slice of zwieback may be substituted for the toasted bread.

Russian Toast

1 cup cottage cheese

1/2 cup cream dressing

2 slices bread

Trim the crusts from the bread, and cut into two oblong pieces. Toast to a nice brown, and moisten slightly with hot water. Mix the cottage cheese with the cream dressing, and serve a spoonful upon each slice of toast. This makes a nice relish, having much the same flavor as caviar.

Cheese And Tomato Toast

A slice of buttered toast

4 tablespoons of tomato puree

Pepper and salt

Make a slice of toast an inch thick from a square loaf, and butter it well. Put the tomato puree in a small stewpan with the grated cheese and a little pepper. Stir over the fire until the butter is melted; then spread evenly over the toast, and serve as hot as possible.

Creamed Celery On Toast

3 cups cut celery 1 cup milk

1 tablespoon butter 1 tablespoon flour

1/2 teaspoon salt

Clean, scrape and cut enough celery to make three cups. Cook until tender in boiling, salted water, which will require about forty-five minutes. Let the water boil away when done, leaving the celery with very little liquid. Prepare a thin white sauce of the remaining ingredients, and pour over the celery. Prepare the toast by trimming the crust from thin slices of bread. Cut diagonally, making triangular-shaped pieces of toast. Toast in a moderate oven until crisp. Dip slices of crisp toast into some hot milk or cream. Serve with a spoonful of the creamed celery upon each slice.

Creamed Spinach On Toast

1 pint cooked or canned spinach Toast

1 cup white sauce 1/2 teaspoon salt

Drain the liquid from the spinach, and chop. Prepare the white sauce, and add the spinach to it. Add salt, and reheat. Trim the crusts from the bread. Cut into triangular shaped pieces, and toast in a slow oven until crisp and nicely browned. Moisten it in a little hot milk or cream, and serve a spoonful of the creamed spinach upon each slice.

Onions On Toast

1 dozen small Spanish onions 6 slices of toast

1 pint of white sauce or cream sauce

Remove the skins of the onions under cold water; cook in boiling, salted water five minutes; pour off the cold water, drain, cover again with boiling, salted water. Cook one hour or until tender throughout, but not so soft that the shape is lost. Drain and serve two or three onions upon each slice of moistened toast. Prepare the sauce, and serve one or two spoonfuls of it upon each serving.

Creamed Okra On Toast

To cook the okra pods put them in boiling water, using one teaspoon of salt to a quart of water; add one tablespoon of lemon juice to the water also. Cook about one-half hour or until the okra is tender. Drain the water from the okra, reserving one cup of it for the sauce. Prepare the sauce as follows:

1 cup water from the okra 1/2 cup cream 1 teaspoon salt

1/4 cup milk

1/4 cup strained tomatoes

2 tablespoons flour

2 tablespoons butter

Heat the okra water, the cream and milk in a double boiler. Rub the flour and butter together, and pour over it a little of the heated liquid, stirring meanwhile. When mixed thin enough to pour, turn this back into the remainder of the hot liquid. Set in a double boiler, and stir until thickened. Add the salt and strained tomato just before serving. Place three or four of the okra pods on a nicely toasted slice of bread for each serving, and over this pour a spoonful or more of the prepared sauce.