Baked Beans

Wash one and three-fourths cups of navy beans and put them into an earthen jar, covering immediately with one and three-fourths quarts of boiling water. Add salt, cover, and put into the oven. When they boil well, draw the jar to the edge of the oven, where they will just simmer. Cook for twenty-four hours. If they get too dry, add a little boiling water. The beans will be nicely colored and have a rich flavor.

Baked Beans

Small white beans, 2 cups. Protose, if desired. Molasses, 1 teaspoonful. Salt.

Clean the beans, soak in cold water one hour, season with salt and molasses. Put into a covered jar with plenty of water; bake overnight in a slow oven. When done, the beans should be whole, dry, and mealy, and of a rich brown color. This can only be obtained by baking the beans several hours in a slow oven. If desired, a little chopped protose may be added. Serve the beans plain, or with brown bread.

Puree Of Beans

Follow the directions given for puree of peas.

Beans Stewed

Wash the required quantity of navy, lima, kidney, or other beans, and put to cook in plenty of boiling water; boil till they are swollen, then put them where they will stew till cooked; season just before they finish cooking. Never parboil beans.

Baked Beans With Tomato Sauce

Prepare the beans as for plain baked beans; put into the jars to bake; cover with a mixture of strained stewed tomatoes and water in equal proportions; a little butter or olive oil may be added.