Contrary to the opinion of many, the onion is not objectionable as an article of food. Judiciously used it fills as important a place in cooking as salt or any other seasoning.

Baked Onions

Onions, large, 6.





Put onions into a saucepan of water, or water and milk mixed in equal proportions; add salt and boil till tender. When done so that they can be easily mashed, work them up with a little butter into a paste. Cover with bread crumbs and bake in a moderate oven.

Stuffed Onions

Peel the desired number of onions, being careful not to cut off the root end. Take out the inside of the onion and fill the hole with a mixture of bread crumbs, beaten egg, and a little milk. Season with salt and sage. Bake in oven until brown.