Green Corn (Stewed)

Green corn, 3 cups.



Milk, more or less, 1 cup.


Husk and clean as for boiling corn; with a sharp knife cut off the top of the grain, being careful not to cut too close to the cob and with the back of the knife press out the remaining pulp. When cut in this way, the corn is much more juicy than when the grains are cut close to the cob. Place the milk in a granite saucepan, and when boiling, add the butter and corn; cook from ten to fifteen minutes, or until it loses its raw taste. Stir frequently, and season to taste with salt and sugar.

Green Corn (Boiled)

Strip off the husk, remove the silk, put into fresh boiling water, and cook ten to twenty minutes. Cook only till done, for if boiled too long, the corn hardens, and its flavor is impaired. If the corn is not very sweet, add one-fourth cup of sugar to the water in which it is boiled.

Green Peas (Very Young And Tender)

Shell the peas and cover with cold water; skim off undeveloped peas which rise to the top of the water and drain. Barely cover with boiling water; cook till tender, then add salt. When done, very little water should remain. Season to taste with butter and add more salt if needed. A little sugar is sometimes an improvement.

When the peas are older, half a cup of milk or cream, with sufficient flour to thicken, is considered an improvement.

Plain Boiled String Beans

Break off the ends of beans and string; wash thoroughly; if large cut them in two; drop into boiling water and boil till tender. Salt and season with olive oil or butter; if preferred, drain off the juice, salt to taste, and add some hot, rich milk.

Baked Parsnips

Scrape and cut in half lengthwise; boil till tender; put in a shallow baking-pan; put a few pieces of chopped butter or a little cooking oil on top; sprinkle lightly with sugar; pour over sufficient cream to about half cover. Salt to taste and bake a rich brown.

Parsnips In Egg Sauce

Clean and cut into small dice and boil in a little salted water until tender, drain and pour over sufficient egg sauce to cover.

Stewed Parsnips

After washing the parsnips, slice them about half an inch thick; put them in a saucepan containing enough boiling water to barely cook them; add a tablespoonful of butter, season with salt, then cover closely and stew them until the water has cooked away, stirring often to prevent burning, until they are soft. When they are done, they will be of a creamy, light straw color, and deliciously sweet, retaining all the nutrition of the vegetable.

Young Turnips

Cut into half-inch dice and boil till tender; drain and add a small lump of butter and a little salt; heat well and add a dash of lemon juice at the last.

Mashed Turnips

Turnips may be cooked and mashed the same as potatoes, keeping them as dry as possible. The addition of a little sugar is considered an improvement by some.

Holland Boiled Turnip

Turnips, cut in -inch dice, 1 quart.

Egg. 1. Butter, cup.

Lemon, large, 1.

Boil the turnips till tender in just enough salted water to prevent burning; drain and set in a covered dish on the side of the range, where they will keep hot but not burn. Melt the butter, add the beaten . yolk with the eggs, juice of the lemon, and a little salt. Serve a spoonful of this sauce over each order of turnip.

French Carrots

Scrape enough small round carrots to make three cups; boil in salted water till tender; drain, and cover with a rich parsley sauce.

Carrots A La Creme

Clean carrots, cut in slices about half an inch thick, and parboil in salted water. Drain, pour over some hot rich milk, and let simmer till done. Add a little butter; season with salt.

Carrots With Egg Sauce

Clean carrots, cut in slices about half an inch thick, and boil until tender; drain, pour egg sauce over, and serve.

Puree Of Carrots

Clean young carrots, cut into slices, and boil in salted water until tender. Drain, mash through a colander, and season with a little salt and cream. Serve as mashed potatoes, or with broiled or braized protose as an entree.

To Dress Cucumbers

Pare and lay in cold water - ice water if possible - for an hour. Slice very thin. Sprinkle a very little fine salt over each piece. Let stand for an hour. Shake the dish briskly, drain closely, sprinkle with lemon juice, and serve.