Corn And Tomato Soup

Kornlet, ground fine, 1 cups. Strained tomatoes, 2 cups. Water, 1 cup. Mix thoroughly, season with salt, heat to a boiling point, and serve.

Cereal Consomme

Cooking oil, cup.

Chopped onion, 1.

Flour, 1 tablespoonful.

Crushed protose, pound.

Caramel-cereal, 1 cup.


Barley, cup.

Carrot, small, 1, finely chopped.

Boiling water, 6 cups.

Bay leaf. Place in the soup kettle the cooking oil and barley; brown barley till quite brown; add onion, carrot, flour, and brown the vegetables till quite tender; add the protose and boiling water; let simmer very gently for six hours, adding boiling water from time to time. Keep the original amount. Stir often to prevent burning. Half an hour before the soup is done add the caramel-cereal, bay leaf, and salt; press through a fine colander, and simmer to six cups.

Swiss Lentil Soup

Lentils, 1 cup.

Small onion, 1.

Browned flour, 2 rounded tablespoonfuls.


Put lentils to cook in a large quantity of boiling water; boil rapidly a short time, then simmer without stirring. When they begin to get tender and are yet quite moist, slice an onion and press into the lentils until covered; keep the vessel over a slow, even fire, until the lentils are well dried out. The drying-out may be finished in the oven if the lentils are covered so that they will not harden on top. When well dried add a little boiling water and rub through a fine colander, removing the hulls. Into this pulp stir the browned flour. Beat till smooth, then add gradually enough boiling water to make of consistency of soup; salt, boil, and set where it will keep hot twenty minutes to an hour, to blend ingredients.

Spring Vegetable Soup

Green peas, 1 cup.

Onion, I.

Egg yolk, 1.

Soup stock, 3 cups.


Shredded lettuce, 1 head.

Parsley, 1 small bunch.

Water, 1 cup.

Butter, size of egg.

Put in the stew-pan the lettuce, onion, parsley, and butter, with the water; let simmer till tender; season with salt; when done strain off the vegetables and put two-thirds of the liquid in the stock. Beat up the yolk with the other third. Put it over the fire, and at the moment of serving add this with the vegetables to the soup.

Turnip And Rice Soup

Turnip, medium sized, 1.

Milk, 3 cups.


Washed rice, 1/3 cup.

Cream, 1 cup.

Croutons or toast.

Pare a medium-sized turnip, slice, and put with rice and butter into saucepan with sufficient water to cook; let simmer till tender, rub through a fine sieve and return to the saucepan. Mix in enough milk to make of the proper consistency; stir over the fire and let simmer ten or fifteen minutes; then stir in a lump of butter and cream; serve with croutons.

German Lentil Soup

Lentils, cup.

Carrot, a few slices.

Nut butter, 1 tablespoonful.

Celery, one sprig, or a little celery salt.

Salt. "

Water, 4 cups.

Turnips, a few slices.

Apple sauce, cup.

Onion, 1. Boil lentils in the water with the onion, carrot, turnip, and celery; boil gently about one and one-half hours; put through a sieve and return to soup kettle; add nut butter and apple sauce. Bring to a boil, salt, and serve.

If necessary, add a little boiling water or rich milk to thin the soup.