Braized Protose And Cabbage

Braize protose according to the recipe, and serve with boiled cabbage.

Protose Steak With Potatoes Smothered In Onions

By putting a layer of sliced raw potatoes in the bottom of the pan and covering with the protose, onions, and stock, we have protose steak and potatoes smothered with onions.

Protose Pilau

Water, pintRice, cooked, 1 cup.

Butter, 1 teaspoonful.

Protose, inch cubes, pound.

Minced onion, I tablespoonful.

Let simmer ten or fifteen minutes; thicken with browned flour, two heaping teaspoonfuls, mixed with strained tomatoes to consistency to pour easily. Salt and celery salt to taste.

Protose Patties (Plain)

Protose, 1 pound.


Cream, 3 tablespoonfuls.

Eggs, 2.

Bread crumbs.

Thoroughly crush the protose and mix with the salt and one egg. Form into patties, roll in egg and cream, then in bread crumbs. Bake in greased pan till lightly browned. If desired, the crumbs may be slightly moistened with cream.

Braized Protose

Protose, 12 slices.

Vegetable stock, No. 2, 3 cups.


Minced onion, medium size, 1.


Butter a deep pan and sprinkle with the minced onion and sage. On this lay the slices of protose, cut a little less than half an inch thick. Cover the pan and put into the oven to brown, turning the protose once, and watching carefully that the onions do not burn. Remove from the oven and cover with the vegetable stock. Cover and return to the oven, and bake until the stock is reduced to a thick, brown gravy.

Protose Cutlets With Mashed Potato

Protose, pound. Milk, 1 cup. Brown sauce.

Egg, 1. Granose flakes.

Cut protose into six slices as for protose steak. Dip in beaten egg and milk, and roll in granose flakes. Do this the second time, and bake in brown sauce about thirty minutes. Serve with mashed potato.

Nut Lisbon Steak

Protose, 6 large slices. Brown gravy, 3 cups.

Broil or fry the protose a nice brown (but do not burn) and drop into the gravy (any good brown gravy will do); let simmer an hour or two. Serve hot with a spoonful of the gravy.

More protose may be used if desired.

Protose And Tomato

Protose, 6 large slices.

Tomato, cooked and strained, 2 cups

Corn starch, 1 teaspoonful.

Salt to taste.

Cut the protose in rather thick slices and lay in a flat baking-pan (one about two inches deep will answer nicely); boil the tomatoes and thicken with the corn starch; add the salt, and pour over the protose. Bake slowly in a moderate oven. Do not bake too dry. The protose should be nice and juicy with the tomatoes when done. The corn starch may be omitted if desired.

Baked Protose With Macaroni

Macaroni (not cooked), 1 cups.

Oil, 1 tablespoonful.

Flour, 1/3 cup.


Minced protose, 1 cup.

Minced onion, medium size, 1.

Milk, 2 cups.

Break the protose in one-inch lengths. Drop in three quarts of boiling water, previously salted. Boil from one-half to three-quarters hour, turn into colander, and pour cold water over it. Drain and turn into baking-pan.