Cabbage And Cream

Cabbage, 1 head. Grated nutmeg. Cream, 1 cups. Butter, 2 tablespoonfuls. Flour, 1 teaspoonful. Salt.

Take a well-blanched cabbage, drain, cool, and chop fine; place it in a stew-pan with butter, a little salt, and grated nutmeg; add the flour, stirring well, and then pour in the cream. Stir till the cabbage and cream are thoroughly mixed. Cook about thirty or forty minutes, and serve hot.

Baked Cabbage No. I

Wash and chop rather fine the required quantity of cabbage. Put into a stew-pan with boiling water; add a little salt and blanch twenty minutes. Drain, put in a baking-pan, and cover with cream or milk to which has been added the beaten yolk of one egg to each cup of cream. Bake until the custard is nicely set.

Cabbage, cold, boiled.

Browned crumbs. Butter. Salt.

Egg, well beaten, 1. Brown sauce. Nutmeg.

Rub sufficient cold, boiled cabbage through a sieve or colander. Mix with it a piece of butter, salt, nutmeg, and the well-beaten egg. Stir thoroughly; butter a pudding dish of suitable size, line with browned crumbs, press in the cabbage, and bake in a moderate oven. Turn out on a hot dish, pour brown sauce around the base, and serve.

Cabbage Stewed With Tomato

Slice and wash a good sound cabbage and put into a stew-pan with enough chopped tomato to give it a decidedly tart taste. Add enough salt to season. Add sufficient water to cook and stew slowly till tender. Strained tomatoes may be used if desired.

Scalloped Cabbage

Wash and chop the cabbage in rather fine pieces. Put a layer of the cabbage into a baking-pan and sprinkle with a little salt. Cover this with finely-broken, fresh bread crumbs, repeat and pour over sufficient milk or cream to thoroughly moisten and cover the crumbs. Cover and bake in a moderate oven till the cabbage is thoroughly cooked. More milk may be added if necessary.

Holland Cream Cabbage


Eggs, 2.

Water, 2 cups.

Lemon juice, 2 tablespoonfuls.



Cut the cabbage fine, sprinkle with salt, and let stand a few minutes before using. Beat the eggs well, add lemon juice, water, and melted butter. Mix this with the cabbage and cook till tender in a vessel that does not easily burn.

Hot Slaw

Clean a nice young head of cabbage, quarter, cut out the heart, and shred fine. Put in cold, salted water for half an hour; drain, boil till tender; drain partly, leaving enough juice to make the cabbage moist; add lemon juice and a little butter or olive oil; season with salt; serve hot.

Ladies' Cabbage

Firm, white cabbage, 1.

Butter, 1 tablespoonful.


Eggs, 2.

Cream, rich, I tablespoonful.

Boil a firm, white cabbage fifteen minutes, changing the water; add more from the boiling teakettle; when tender, drain, and set aside till perfectly cold; chop fine and add the beaten eggs, butter, salt, and cream; stir all well together and bake in a buttered dish till brown.