Egg A La Mode

Bread crumbs, 2 cups.

Milk, 2 cups.

Eggs, 8.


Buttered toast or zwieback.

Soak bread crumbs in milk, beat eggs very light, add the soaked bread crumbs, and bake for five minutes. Have ready a hot oiled or buttered saucepan; pour in the mixture, salt, and stir briskly for three minutes. Serve hot on squares of buttered toast or zwieback.

Curdled Eggs

Bring a kettle of water to a boil, set at back of range for two minutes, then drop in two eggs for each person, and leave for eight minutes. Serve in cups.

Jellied Eggs

Cook the same as curdled eggs, leaving eggs in fifteen minutes instead of eight.

Shirred Eggs

Oil a small platter or granite egg dish, break in fresh eggs, being careful not to break the yolks. Sprinkle with minced parsley, salt, and add a bit of butter. Set in oven and bake till cooked as desired. Serve at once.

Cream Shirred Eggs

Prepare eggs as for shirred eggs, omitting parsley. Pour about one tablespoonful of rich cream over them, salt, set in oven, and bake as desired. Serve at once.

Floated Eggs

Take two fresh eggs, separate whites from yolks, put yolks.into a soup bowl of hot water, being careful not to break them. Let set two minutes, then place them, bowl and all, into a larger dish of boiling water, and cook till set as desired, - two minutes for medium, four minutes for hard. Meantime beat whites very stiff, mold them in a soup bowl, then float mold on boiling water two or three minutes till nicely set. Then place them on large platter, place yolk in center, garnish with parsley, and serve. In removing whites from bowl, take bowl in left hand, knife in right, dip bowl about one-third in water, then slip knife under edge of mold in the water. The water will get under eggs and float them out easily. This makes a nice dish for the sick, if yolks be boiled hard and whites are cooked rare.

Baked Eggs In Tomato Cases

Take nice, ripe, medium-sized tomatoes, remove the stem and center with sharp paring knife or spoon sufficient to encase an egg nicely. Place them in an oiled granite baking-pan, break an egg into each tomato, salt and sprinkle with chopped parsley, and add a small piece of butter. Set in moderate oven and bake till eggs are medium done. Serve at once.

Mumbled Eggs

Milk, 1 cup. Eggs, 6.

Granose biscuit, 3. Salt.

Put milk on to heat in agate pan; when it begins to boil, break in the eggs, and with a fork stir rapidly till it thickens. It must not be as hard as scrambled eggs. Split granose biscuit in half and heat them in the oven a few minutes. Serve a spoonful of the mumbled eggs on each half of the biscuits. Do not forget to add salt.

Scrambled Eggs With Sugar Corn

. Prepare as for scrambled eggs with protose, using nice, tender corn in place of protose. Salt and serve at once on hot platters.

Scrambled Eggs With Onions

Prepare as for scrambled eggs with protose, using one teaspoonful of lightly braized onion in place of protose. Salt, and serve on hot platters at once.

Scrambled Eggs With Protose

Cream or milk, 1 tablespocnful (for one person).

Fresh eggs, 2.

Minced protose, 1 tablespoonful.

Into an oiled skillet containing one tablespoonful of cream or milk break the eggs, slightly whipping them with egg whip or spoon, then add protose. Stir to prevent sticking to bottom, also to thoroughly mix egg with protose. Salt, scramble (soft medium, or hard), as desired. Serve at once on hot platters.

Scrambled Eggs With Parsley

Prepare as for scrambled eggs with protose, omitting protose and substituting minced parsley.

Poached Eggs On Toast

Serve poached eggs on nice light brown slices of zwieback, or fresh toast if preferred, that has been slightly moistened, not soaked, with hot cream, milk, or water.

Poached Eggs

Take nice, fresh eggs, as only fresh eggs poach nicely; break them into a pan of hot water, almost boiling. Let pan set on range so that it will not boil; poach as desired, - soft, two minutes; medium, three minutes; hard, five minutes. Serve on platter, garnish with watercress or parsley. Serve while very hot.

Poached Eggs On Granose

Heat some granose in the oven a few minutes; put a few spoonfuls on a plate and place poached eggs on top. A small piece of butter may be added to each egg.