Toasts are uniformly and properly regarded as a breakfast dish, and when properly prepared are wholesome, nutritious, and appetizing, and far more conducive to health than the fried mushes and griddle cakes with which so many are prone to appease their appetites.

Zwieback should be used as the foundation of all toasts, although ordinary toasted bread can be used. In toasting bread, do not expose it to such fierce heat that the bread will be burned or singed. Singed bread is not toasted bread. Again, the fire should be hot enough to more than simply dry the bread. It should be toasted as far through as possible, and should be crisp and brittle, not hard. In using zwieback for toast it may be moistened by hot milk, if for cream, gravy, or egg toast; or with hot salted water, if for fruit. In either case the toast should be dipped quickly in and out again so as not to absorb too much liquid and become mushy. Under this head a few kinds of toasts will be given, inexpensive and otherwise. While it is not an exhaustive list, it will include sufficient to suggest others equally good.

Milk Toast

Milk, 6 cups.

Flour, 1 heaped teaspoonful. Butter, 1 tablespoonful. Toasted bread or zwieback.

Heat milk and butter in a saucepan over the fire; when boiling, add salt and flour, moistened with a little milk. Let it boil, remove from the fire, and dip into this slices of toasted bread or zwieback. Pour what remains over the toast, cover, and send to the table hot.

Cream Toast

Cream, 6 cups.



Heat cream to boiling, dip slices of zwieback into hot milk for an instant, place on saucer, pour hot cream over, and serve.

American Or French Toast

Eggs, thoroughly beaten, 3.



Milk, 3 cups.

Sliced bread.

Beat the eggs thoroughly and add the milk and a little salt. Slice light bread and dip into the mixture, allowing each slice to absorb some of the milk. Then brown on a hot, buttered griddle or thick bottomed frying-pan. Spread with butter, and serve hot.

Boston Cream Toast

Toast two slices of bread, trim and cut in two lengthwise, making four pieces. Place these evenly on top of one another and cut again cornerwise, into long triangular pieces. Arrange artistically on a platter, and serve with cream sauce.

Nun's Toast

Hard-boiled eggs, 6.

Flour, 1 teaspoonful.


Hot buttered toast.

Finely-chopped onion, 1.

Milk, 2 cups.

Put the butter into a saucepan, and when it begins to bubble add the chopped onion. Let the onion cook a little without color, then stir in the flour. Add the milk and stir till it becomes smooth. Then put in the eggs which have been sliced and let them get hot. Pour this mixture over neatly trimmed slices of hot, buttered toast. Season with salt.

Nut Gravy Toast

Dress moistened toast with nut gravy as given under sauces.