Prune Whipped Toast

Prune pulp, 2 cups. Sugar, 1 tablespoonful. Eggs, whites, 4.

Beat the whites very stiff and stir in the hot prune pulp and sugar. Serve on slices of zwieback which have been dipped in hot water.

Prune Toast

Prepare as for apricot toast, using prune marmalade.

Date Toast

Prepare as for prune toast, except that the dates should be steamed, not boiled.

Protose Toast

Minced protose, 2 cups. Eggs, 2.

Sweet cream, cup. Salt to taste.

Mix and heat thoroughly; when boiling hot spread over slices of

Toasted bread. Dipped in hot salt water, and well buttered. Take

Hard-boiled egg, 1, Cut in halves, remove yolk, and fill hole with

Currant jelly, And place on top of the protose.

Nuttolene On Toast

Mince half a pound of nuttolene very fine, put in a well-oiled saucepan, and fry over the fire till a delicate brown. Great care must be taken to prevent scorching; shake the pan often. Make two cups of rich cream sauce well seasoned with butter sauce, and desiccated cocoanut. Strain this over the nuttolene, and serve a spoonful on warm toast. This makes six large portions.

Berry Toast

Any canned fruit, as strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, etc., may be used for toasts. Strain off the juice, boil, and thicken with corn starch to the consistency of cream. Stir in the strawberries and reheat till the berries are well heated through. Serve as other fruit toasts.

Peel and rub some nice bananas through a fine colander; sweeten and beat up with a little cream, and serve on moistened toast. Serve cold.

Take the desired quantity of bright fruit juice, as strawberry or cherry. Boil and thicken with corn starch. Into this slice some ripe bananas. The juice should not be too thick, but just so that the banana will appear suspended in the juice. Serve on moistened toast.

Date Toast With Walnuts

Prepare same as date toast, then serve with walnut meat on each corner and one in the center.

Tomato Toast

Dress moistened toast with tomato sauce, as given under sauces; or use strained tomatoes thickened with flour or corn starch.

Asparagus Toast

Prepare as for stewed asparagus. Moisten and butter a piece of toast, lay four or five pieces of asparagus on it, pour a spoonful of white sauce on the bottom end of the stalks, and serve.

Apple Toast

Fresh stewed apples, rubbed through a colander and sweetened, make a nice dressing. The apples may be flavored with lemon, or mixed with grape or cranberry sauce. When the apples are put in the colander, the liquid may be poured into a saucepan and boiled into a syrup, and the toast moistened with this. Serve a spoonful or two of the apple sauce over all.

Apricot Toast

In making apricot marmalade, save the juice by itself and boil it down into a syrup. Moisten the toast, pour over some of the syrup, and some of the marmalade over all.