Creole Soup

Water, 2 cups. Tomatoes, 1 pint. Clove of garlic, 1. Small turnip, 1.

Boiled rice, heaped tablespoonful. Small carrot, 1. Boil all together, season with a little salt, rub the vegetables through a sieve, and thin to the consistency of cream with hot water or nut cream.

Palestine Soup

Jerusalem artichokes, 12.

Celery, 1 sprig.

Boiled cream, 1 pint.


Leek, 1 sprig.



Wash and peel the artichokes, put over them cold water sufficient to cover, add leeks, celery, and salt. Simmer an hour and a half. Press through a sieve, put back on the stove, and beat into it a pint of boiled cream. Add a little nutmeg. Serve with croutons. If too thick, add a little hot milk or cream.

Fruit Soup (Pineapple)

Thicken pineapple juice with arrowroot. Serve cold with a bit of pineapple glace in each cup.

Chocolate Soup

Chocolate (Sanitas), pound.

Water, 2 cups.

Sugar, 2 tablespoonfuls.

Flour, 1 tablespoonful.

Milk, 1 quart.

Ground cinnamon, 1 teaspoonful.

Whipped cream, 1 cup.

Soak the chocolate in two cups of the water; when soft put to cook; when it boils add the sugar and flour rubbed smooth in the rest of the water. Cook slowly for five minutes and add the hot milk. Strain, stir in the cinnamon and whipped cream. Serve at once with crisps or wafers. Blanched almonds toasted are served with the soup.

Fruit Soup

Strawberry, or other juice, I cup. Pineapple juice, 1 cup. Lemon juice, 1 tablespoonful. Sago, 1 tablespoonful. Sugar, 1 tablespoonful. Chopped ice.

With the strawberry or other juice cook the sago; add the pineapple juice and sugar; cool, and serve in sherbet cups with chipped ice.

Fruit Soup (Swedish)

Boil prunes and raisins slowly till tender, sweeten and save the juice; boil sago till clear, mix with the fruit and juice, and serve very cold.

Fruit Soup (Orange)

Thicken orange juice with arrowroot, and serve very cold in cups with a bit of candied orange peel on top of each glass.

Fruit Soup (Lemon)

Make a strong lemonade, thicken with arrowroot, serve very cold with a bit of candied lemon peel or candied ginger in each glass.

Fruit Soup (Marquise)

Take two parts red raspberry juice and one of currant, sweeten, thicken with arrowroot and sago; candied orange peel or blanched and shredded almonds are a dainty addition.

Fruit Soup (Cranberry)

Thicken some sweetened cranberry juice with arrowroot, and serve cold in cups, as a first course at a Christmas or New Year's dinner.

Fruit Soup (Grape)

Thicken bottled grape juice with arrowroot, and serve cold with chipped ice. This is refreshing for invalids.

Fruit Soup (Cherry)

Thicken cherry juice with arrowroot, and serve with other fruit soups; garnish with black cherries in their season.

Fruit Soup (Strawberry)

Thicken fresh strawberry juice with arrowroot and put on ice to chill; put a layer of chipped ice on top of each cup before serving, and lay a ripe strawberry, stem and all, on top of each glass.

Raisin, Apple, Or Prune Soup

Either seedless raisins, apples, or prunes may be added to sago soup. The soup should then bear the name of the fruit used.