Stewed Salsify Or Vegetable Oysters

Salsify, cut in -inch slices, 1 quart.

Milk, 2 cups.

Butter, 1 tablespoonful.

Salt to taste.

Wash and scrape the salsify, slice, and put into cold water to prevent discoloring. Cook in sufficient boiling water to cover. When tender, drain, add the milk and butter, let simmer a few minutes, and serve.

Escalloped Vegetable Oyster

Sliced vegetable oyster, 3 cups. Rich cream sauce. Sifted bread crumbs. Salt. Wash, scrape, cut in thin slices, and put into plenty of cold water till ready to use, to prevent discoloration. When ready to cook, boil in enough water to prevent scorching. Salt when they begin to get tender. Boil a few minutes longer, but do not let them get too salt. Drain, or remove with a skimmer, putting a layer in a baking-pan, then a little rich cream sauce, then another layer of each. Sprinkle the top with sifted bread crumbs, and bake a light brown.

Mock Oysters

Corn, young and tender, 6 ears. Flour, 3 tablespoonfuls. Butter, 3 tablespoonfuls.

Eggs, 3.


Salt, 3 teaspoonfuls.

Grate the corn with a coarse grater into a deep dish; beat the whites and yolks separately, and add the corn, flour, butter, and salt. Drop spoonfuls of this batter into a frying-pan with hot oil, and fry a light brown on both sides. The corn must be young.


Cut off all the roots and remove all the decayed and outside leaves. Wash thoroughly, being careful to remove all specks and blemishes. If the stalks are large, divide them lengthwise into two or three pieces and place root downward in a celery glass, which should be nearly filled with cold water.

Stewed Celery

Celery hearts, 6. White sauce, 2 cups.

Cut the celery into half-inch lengths and cook in boiling, salted water. When tender, drain and pour over this the sauce. Heat well, and serve. The liquid drained from the celery may be thickened, seasoned with a little butter, and used instead of the white sauce if preferred.

Lentils (Oriental Style)

Lentils, 1 cup. Olive oil, 2 tablespoonfuls. Salt, 1 level teaspoonful. Boiled rice, 1 cup. Onion, finely shredded, 1.

Wash the lentils well, soak overnight, and drain. Cook in boiling water till tender; drain again. Put the olive oil in a saucepan, add the onion, and cook till the onion is soft, not brown. Add the lentils and boiled rice, mix, stir over the fire till hot, add the salt, and serve hot.

Lentils With Onions

Lentils, I cup. Onions, 2. Butter. Wash the lentils, put to cook in saucepan with plenty of cold water, and boil till tender; when soft, turn them into a fine colander, and drain thoroughly, saving the water they were cooked in. Peel the onions, cut into thin slices, put in a flat stew-pan with a lump of butter, or a little olive oil, and fry. Put the lentils in the onions and add salt to taste.

Moisten with a little of the broth drained from the lentils and allow them to simmer at the side of the fire. Serve.