Sago Soup

Sago, cup.

Egg, 1.

Boiling milk, 4 cups.

Boiled cream.

Wash the sago, add it to the boiling milk, and simmer till the sago is dissolved and forms a sort of jelly. At the moment of serving add the beaten yolk of an egg and a little cream previously boiled.

Bean Tapioca

White beans, cup.

Tapioca, cup.


Water, 4 cups.

Hot water.



Cook beans in water till well done; press through a strainer, add tapioca, and cook till clear; add hot water to make of proper consistency; season with salt and cream; heat well, and serve.

Green Pea Soup

Green peas, in pod, 4 quarts.

Spinach leaves, 1 handful.

Sliced lettuce, 1 head.

Dash of lemon juice.

Salt, teaspoonful.

Sugar, 1 teaspoonful.

Boiling water, 6 cups.

Cucumber sliced, . Shell peas and throw into a dish of cold water; break the shells and put them into a kettle with boiling water; set over the fire and simmer half and hour. Remove pods, and add lettuce, spinach, salt and sugar. Let boil till the spinach and lettuce are pulpy, take up, and run through a puree sieve; boil the peas and cucumber in a little water, mash and rub through a sieve; mix with the soup, season with salt and a dash of lemon juice. Serve with croutons.

Rice Soup

Rice, cup.

Salt, 1 teaspoonful.

Milk, 3 cups.

Butter, 1 tablespoonful.

Water, 3 cups.

Egg yolk, 1.

Flour, 2 teaspoonfuls.

Boil the rice in the water for forty minutes, or until prefectly soft, adding salt; add sufficient boiling water from time to time to keep the original amount; press through a sieve and thicken with well-beaten yolk of egg, milk, flour, and butter. Add a little more salt if necessary; serve with toasted crackers or zwieback sprinkled with crumbs of cottage cheese.

Lima Bean Soup

Lima bean soup may be prepared same as white bean soup, omitting the tapioca.

Bread Bisque

Dry sifted bread crumbs, one cup, added to cream soup, four cups.

Tomatoes, quart can.

Flour, 1 table spoonful.

Nut butter, 1 tablespoonful.

Milk, 4 cups.

Butter, 1 tablespoonful.


Bay leaf, 1.

Onion, small, 1.

Place butter in pot, add one bay leaf, one small onion; let braize till light brown, add flour, and stir until flour is well mixed; add hot milk, slowly stir-ring constantly to keep smooth; add nut butter, which should be emulsified first with the tomato, then add slowly stirring briskly; salt, heat thoroughly, strain; reheat, serve.

Strained tomatoes, 4 cups.

Peanut butter, about 4 tablespoonfuls.


Put tomatoes in double boiler, set 011 the range, and when scalding hot add the nut butter emulsified in enough water to pour readily, mix together and salt to taste. Use plenty of salt to bring out the flavor.