Directory Of Sanitarium Food Factories

Battle Creek Sanitarium Food Company, Battle Creek, Mich.

Sanitarium Food Company, Sanitarium, Cal.

Portland Sanitarium Food Company, West Avenue, Mt.

Tabor, Ore. Colorado Sanitarium Food Company, Boulder, Colo. Sanitarium Food Company, 228 Clarence Street, Sydney,

N. S. W., Australia. Union College Bakery, College View, Neb.

Vegetarian Cooking Oil

Vegetarian Cooking Oil

0PURE vegetable shortening, made by a combination of the _J best food oils so blended as to give the delicate flavor of pure olive oil. A superior salad oil, a cheap, successful oil for all kinds of shortening.

% gal. can,$o 75 io gal. case, 11 $0

Grape Juice and Cider

Grape Juice and Cider

Grape Juice is made from the best California [SI grapes carefully selected, filtered, and put up by a 1^^*| process that keeps the juice from fermenting.

Apple Cider is made from sound ripe apples cored, washed and free from worms.

Quarts . . $0 40 Pints . . $0 2$ Apple Cider, quarts $0 35

Sanitarium Food Company

Sanitarium, California

Branch Stores: San Francisco. Oakland, San Jose, Fresno, California; And Salt Lake City and Provo, Utah.

AMONG THE RECIPES IN THIS COOK-BOOK are a large number in Which Sanitas Nut Foods jjgaH|||T are used, particularly Protose and ffuttolene. A trial of these dishes tuill convince the most scientific cook and the greatest loVer of good things, of the important place in the "meatless menu" oo cupied by these preparations.

FOODS were developed by the Sanitas Nut Food Co., Ltd., Battle Creek, Mich. Their manufacture is protected by patents issued by the patent bureaus of the United States and foreign countries only after the most rigid scrutiny of the claims presented by the manufacturers.


Protose and Nuttolene are the only successful and scientific meat substitutes on the market.

SANITAS FOODS are sold by reliable dealers in all parts of the country. In case your dealer does not carry them, write us for information about oar "easy way of supplying you direct from factory." The Sanitarium Food Co., St. Helena and San Francisco, Cal., carry a full line of our products.

Wheeling. W. Va.

I have been a vegetarian for several years, and as long as I can procure your Protose, Malted Nuts and Nut Butter, I have no desire to go back to the flesh pots. You shall hear from me again.

Yours very respectfully

F. H. H.


Battle CreeK, Michigan