Grains may be considered perfect food in themselves, as they contain all the food elements in nearly right proportions. Rice is an exception to this, the starch being in excess.

In cooking grains in the form of porridges, they should be introduced into rapidly salted water, beating with a batter whisk so that the grains may be thoroughly mixed with the water and be free from lumps. In cooking coarse grains, as cracked wheat, pearl barley, hominy, etc., keep them boiling, stirring occasionally until the grain does not sink to the bottom, but hangs suspended in the water. If the inner part of a double boiler has been used, it may now be set into the outer boiler, which should be placed on the range where the water will boil rapidly. Replenish the water in the outside boiler from time to time with boiling water.

By setting the grain in boiling water, the indigestible outer portion or cellulose is more completely broken up, and the starch granules are more thoroughly acted upon by the water, the object being to cook the starch and the gluten as thoroughly as possible. If the grains are cooked in a double boiler, they will not need to be stirred after they are set, except when cooked in a very large quantity. The cooking should be continuous and the length of time varies according to the varying proportion of gluten in the grain. The larger percentage of starch, the shorter the time required in cooking. Grains combine nicely with fruits, and may be cooked or served with either fruit or fruit juices.


Oatmeal, 1 cup. Water, 1 quart.

Put water into a double boiler, place on the range, and when boiling add oatmeal. Boil until it thickens and finish in double boiler. Cook five hours.

Rolled Oats

Rolled oats, 1 cups. Water, I quart.

Put water into a double boiler, place on the range, and when boiling add rolled oats. Boil until it thickens and finish in double boiler. Cook four hours.

Cracked Wheat

Water, 4 cups. Salt, 1 teaspoonful. Cracked wheat, 1 cup.

Put water into the inner double boiler, place on the range, and when boiling add salt and cracked wheat. Boil rapidly until grains do not sink when the dish is lifted from the range. Place in the outer boiler and cook constantly for four or five hours.

Pearl Wheat

Water, 4 cups.

Pearl wheat, washed, 1 cup.


Boil water in the inner double boiler, add pearl wheat, and salt. Place in the outer boiler and cook five or six hours.

Pearl Barley

Pearl barley, well washed, 1 cup. Water, 4 cups.

Put cold water into double boiler and add pearl barley. Heat slowly and cook about six hours.


Milk, or water, 6 cups.

Farina, 1 cup.


Put the milk or water in the inner part of a double boiler, place on the range, and when boiling add salt and farina. Let it boil for two or three minutes, stirring all the time. Then place in a double boiler and cook one hour. If milk is used, it should first be simmered or scalded in a double boiler, and then placed on the range and the milk will boil almost immediately. In this way the milk will not be so liable to scorch as if it was put on the range at first. This rule will apply to all grains cooked with milk.

Rice (Southern Style)

Rice, 1 cup. Salt, 1 teaspoonful. Water, 6 cups. Butter or gravy.

Wash rice in two waters, then put into vessel with water and salt. After boiling about ten minutes, strain off all the water except a scant cupful. Cover the vessel and let steam fifteen minutes or more, stirring once or twice. Serve with butter or gravy, the latter being stirred in quickly while the rice is hot.

Rice (Western Style)

Rice, 1 cup.

Water, 6 cups.

Salt, 1 tablespoonful.

Wash rice, put in kettle of water, salt, and boil till tender, stirring once or twice to prevent sticking. Drain off all water through a colander and pour over hot water sufficient to wash off the starchy water and separate the grains. Leave in the colander and set into another pan, so that the bottom of colander will not touch. Cover and place in the oven a few minutes.

Rice With Raisins

Washed rice, 1 cup.

Raisins, washed, seeded, cup.

Salt, teaspoonful.

Water, 2 cups.

Put in an enameled pan, cover, and steam one hour.

Browned Rice

Rice may be browned in the oven until of a yellow straw color, then cooked as any rice, but preferably steamed. Care must be taken in browning that it does not scorch or get too brown.

Corn Meal Mush

Salted water, 4 cups. Corn meal, 1 cup.

Into the salted water stir corn meal till it begins to thicken, and finish cooking in a double boiler. Cook three or four hours.

Graham Porridge

Graham flour, 1 cup. Boiling water, salted, 3 cups.

Stir the flour into boiling water and beat till perfectly smooth; set in a double boiler, or in another vessel containing boiling water, and cook one hour.

Graham Porridge With Dates

Set as for plain graham porridge; after it has cooked one-half hour, beat in the desired quantity of washed, seeded, and chopped dates; let it cook half an hour longer, and serve.

Gluten-Granola Mush

Boiling milk or water, 1 quart. Mixed gluten and granola, 1 pints.

Cook fifteen minutes, and serve with cream.