Cream soups are seasonable at any time, using any vegetable in its season. Canned goods may be used when the fresh article is not obtainable.

Vegetables that are too tough and old to cook in any other way may be used in soups to advantage. If it can be afforded, a teaspoonful of whipped cream may be dropped into each plate, and will be found very delicious.

By a puree is meant a thick soup; it differs but little from cream soup, being perhaps a trifle thicker. If properly made, cream soups and purees are dainty, delicious, and nourishing.

Fruit soups are in favor during hot weather, for dinners and luncheons; they are very easily made, and are wholesome and refreshing. Any desired fruit juice may be thickened with corn starch, sago, or arrowroot, and served with or without fruit.

Fruit soup should always be served cold, in glass sherbet cups, with a layer of chipped ice on top.

Kinds Of Soup

Observing these proportions and following the foregoing directions, delicious cream soups are made of rice, squash, celery, peas, asparagus, cucumber, spinach, peanuts, potato, corn, lima beans, cauliflower, beets, tomato, salsify, chestnut, mushrooms, onions, baked beans, lentils, macaroni, spaghetti, watercress, string beans, sago, tapioca, barley, carrots, etc. All vegetables should be cooked very tender in boiling salted water, drained, and rubbed through a sieve. Rice, sago, tapioca, and barley should be boiled slowly till each grain is soft and distinct. Roasted peanuts are chopped fine; chestnuts are boiled and mashed; macaroni and spaghetti are cut into very small pieces, after boiling till tender. String beans are to be minced before adding to the soup.

Cream Soups, Foundation

OF Rub one heaping tablespoonful of butter and two of sifted flour to a cream; melt in a saucepan over the fire, and add slowly four cups milk, stirring constantly. When it thickens add salt and whatever seasoning and ingredient is desired to make the soup.

Croutons For Soup

Take thin slices of bread, cut them into little squares, place them in a baking pan, and brown to a golden color in a quick oven.

Egg Balls For Soup

Egg yolks, hard boiled, 6. Salt, 1 teaspoonful. Flour, tablespoonful. Egg yolks, raw, 2. Rub the hard-boiled yolks and flour smooth, then add the raw yolks and the salt. Mix all well together, make into balls, and drop into the soup a few minutes before serving.

Egg Dumplings For Soup

Milk, 1 cup. Flour. Eggs, 2.

Beat the eggs well, add the milk and as much flour as will make a smooth, rather thick batter, free from lumps. Drop this batter, a tablespoonful at a time, into the boiling soup.

Noodles For Soup

Beat one egg till light, add a pinch of salt and flour enough to make a stiff dough. Roll out very-thin; sprinkle with flour to keep from sticking. Then roll up into a scroll, begin at the end, and slice into strips as thin as straws. After all are cut, mix them lightly together, and to prevent their sticking together keep them floured a little till you are ready to drop them into the soup, which should be done a few minutes before serving. If boiled too long they go to pieces.