Tart apples, 6 Sugar, 1 cup. Lemon, I.

Pare the apples and remove the core, being careful not to break the apple. Put into a granite or enameled baking-pan of suitable size. Fill the hole made by removing the cores, with the sugar; moisten the sugar with the lemon juice'and sprinkle a little of the grated rind on each apple. Pour sufficient water into the pan to half cover the apples. Cover and bake until clear.

Farina Mold

Milk, 1 quart. Sugar, 1/3 cup. Farina, cup. Salt.

Put the milk into double boiler; when scalding hot, set the inner boiler on range until the milk boils; then stir in the farina, sugar, and salt. Let boil till the farina is set, then set back in outer boiler and cook one hour. Turn into molds previously oiled or dipped into cold water. May be served with cream sweetened and flavored, or with fruit juice.

Brown Betty

Chopped apples, 2 cups. Bread crumbs, 1 cup. Butter, cup. Chopped raisins, 1 cup. Raisin or prune juice, 1 cup.

Fill a pudding dish with alternate layers of the fruit, crumbs, and butter, - fruit first, finishing bread crumbs on top. Pour over the fruit juice. Set the dish in a pan of hot water; cover and bake in a moderate oven for nearly an hour; then remove the cover and brown lightly. Serve with sweetened cream or lemon sauce.

Strawberry Short Cake

Cream, 1 cup.

Flour to make a medium soft dough.


Yeast, 1 tablespoonful.

Warm the cream to about seventy degrees, add the salt, yeast, and about two cups of the flour. Mix thoroughly, cover, and set in a warm place to rise. When well risen and lively, add the rest of the flour, and leave until perfectly smooth. Roll out about half an inch thick. Put in greased pans, brush the top with melted butter, let rise until about double its original size, and bake. Split, and fill with whole or crushed berries, sprinkled with sugar.

Strawberry Granose

Put a layer of granose in a deep pan of sufficient size; cover with a layer of crushed berries and sugar; repeat till the pan is full. Press lightly. Serve with cream.

Floating Island

Milk, 1 quart. Sugar, cup. Eggs, 5.

Jelly, 2 tablespoonfuls. Flavor to suit.

Make a custard with the milk, the yolks of the eggs, the whites of two, and the sugar. Whip the remaining three whites to a stiff froth with a little sugar and flavoring, same as custard. Pour the custard into individual glass dishes, drop spoonfuls of the whites on the custard so as to form islands, or it may be put on with a pastry tube or paper funnel. Drop a little bright jelly in the center of each island.

Corn Starch Blanc Mange

Milk, 1 quart.

Corn starch, 4 heaped tablespoonfuls.

Eggs, whites, 3.

Sugar, cup.

Lemon flavoring.

Put half the milk in a double boiler and set over the fire. When scalding hot, add the remaining milk in which has been dissolved the sugar and corn starch. Stir till it is thick and there are no lumps. Flavor with lemon, take from the range, and add the stiffly beaten whites. Pour into molds and set in a cool place to get firm.

A pleasing effect may be obtained by dividing the mixture after it is cooked, and coloring one-half pink, then filling the mold one-third of one, and filling up with the other. When turned from the mold they will look like small, white pyramids capped with pink, or pink with white. A custard to be served with this blanc mange is made of two cups of milk, the yolks of three eggs, and half a cup of sugar. Flavor same as blanc mange.