Vegetarian Hot Cakes

Bread crumbs, 4 cups.

Flour, 1 cup.

Salt, 1 teaspoonful.

Sugar as desired. / .

Mix all together thoroughly, and add sufficient Milk heated at 1400 or 1500,

To make a thick pour batter. To this add the yolks of 5 eggs.

Beat up thoroughly and add the Stiffly-beaten whites.

Bake on soapstone griddle. Be careful not to have the milk scalding hot, as it renders cakes soft and sticky.

Green Corn Griddle Cakes

Corn, 1 quart, cut from the ear.

Butter, 2 tablespoonfuls.

White corn meal, 3 tablespoonfuls.

Salt, teaspoonful.

Milk, 1 cup.

Eggs, 4.

Flour, cup.

Mix thoroughly and bake on soapstone griddle.

Baked Corn Pie

Sweet corn, 1 can. Milk, 2 cups. Salt, 1 teaspoonful. Butter, 2 tablespoonfuls. Eggs, 2.

Warm the butter and stir through the corn; beat the eggs with the milk, add the salt, and mix with the butter and the corn. Turn into a pan and bake until set. Should be light brown.


Flour, 2 cups.

Milk, 1 cups.


Salt, level teaspoonful.

Eggs, 3.

Mix the salt and flour, pour on slowly half the milk to make a smooth batter; add the eggs, one at a time, beating well, and gradually the remaining milk. Beat vigorously for a few minutes, then turn at once into hot well-buttered gem-pans, filling them about half full. Bake in rather hot oven from twenty to thirty minutes.

Corn Bread Without Baking Powder

Corn meal, 2 cups.

Eggs, 4.


Boiling milk, 3 cups.

Butter, size of egg.

Put the meal into the mixing bowl, make hollow in the center, put in butter and salt, and pour the hot milk over all, and stir well. Let cool, and if too stiff, add a little more cold milk. Break the eggs and separate them; add the yolks to the meal and beat five minutes. Beat the whites and add them to the batter. Oil a baking-pan, make it hot, and turn in the batter. Bake in a quick oven thirty minutes.

Hoe Cake

Corn meal, 4 cups.

Water, or milk.

Melted butter, 1 tablespoonful.

Salt and sugar as desired.

Sift corn meal with a little salt, and sugar if desired; scald with sufficient water or milk to make a stiff batter, but soft enough to spread easily with a knife. A tablespoonful of melted butter may be added if desired. Spread on a baking-sheet or pan about one-half inch thick or less and bake slowly till crisp clear through.

If the cake bakes fast on the bottom, it may be turned over so that both sides may be evenly baked.

Corn Bread Without Baking Powder

Corn meal, 2 cups. Flour, 1 cup. Salt, 1 teaspoonful. Sugar, cup-Mix and add

Boiling water.

sufficient to make stiff dough; let cool, then stir in

Butter, 1 tablespoonful. Beaten yolks, 6.

and lastly the

Stiffly-beaten whites, 6.

Sponge, 3 cups.

Butter, 1 rounded tablespoonful. Mixture, 2 parts corn meal to 1 part flour. Eggs, 2.

Sugar, 3 heaped tablespoonfuls.

Take three cups of the sponge as set for making wheat bread, measured when light, ready to mix up stiff. Add sugar, eggs, and butter. To this add a mixture of two-thirds corn meal and one-third flour until it is as stiff as will stir conveniently (if made too stiff, the bread will be dry; if not stiff enough, it will be sticky). Put about half an inch deep in greased pans, and let rise till nearly an inch deep and bake in a moderate oven. It may be in deeper loaves, but they are not likely to be so satisfactory.

Georgia Pones

Southern corn meal, 2 cups. Sugar, 1 tablespoonful. Salt, teaspoonful. Boiling milk or cream.

Sift meal with sugar and salt. Pour over this enough boiling milk or cream to make a stiff drop batter. Stir constantly, that the meal may not lump. When perfectly smooth, drop in large spoonfuls on a cold buttered baking-sheet and bake in a brisk oven. The pones should be browned on top.

Boston Brown Bread

Yellow corn meal, 1 cup.

White flour, cup.

Salt, 1 teaspoonful.

Eggs, 4.

Graham flour, 1 cup.

New Orleans molasses (good), cup.

Milk, about 3 cups.

Mix meal, flour, molasses, and milk; separate eggs and mix yolks with other ingredients. Beat whites very stiff and fold into mixture, which should not be thick. Put this in the tin dish immediately and steam for three or four hours.