Protose Chartreuse

Vegetable stock, 2 cups.

Egg, 1.


Protose, pound.

Rice, cooked, 1 quart.

Bread crumbs, sufficient to thicken.

To the stock add the protose, bread crumbs, the egg unbeaten, and salt. Mix thoroughly. Line a baking-pan with part of the rice, and fill in the center with the protose mixture; cover with the rest of the rice, and press down gently. Bake, and serve with browned sauce.

Protose Steak

Split a pound of protose in two lengthwise, and cut into as many slices as needed. Broil in a pan, and serve with brown sauce.

Protose Steak A La Tartare

Minced protose, 1 pound.

Butter, 1 tablespoonful.

Mayonnaise, 3 tablespoonfuls.

Onion, 1.

Eggs, 6.

Onions and olives mixed, to garnish.

Put the butter in a saucepan and set on the range. When hot, add the onion and cook until brown; add the minced protose, a pinch of salt, and mix. Form into balls, making a depression in each ball, and drop an egg yolk in each depression. Bake until the eggs are done. Chop the onions and olives, add the mayonnaise, and use as a garnish.

Protose Or Nuttolene Cutlets

Protose or nuttolene, 6 slices, each large enough for a cutlet. Eggs, 3.

Cream or rich milk, 2 cups. Bread crumbs, buttered, 1 cups. Salt.

Beat the eggs, add the milk and salt, dip the slices of nut food in this, and then in the buttered bread crumbs, and lay in a greased baking-pan. Place the remaining bread crumbs with the milk, add salt, and pour over the cutlets. If not enough to cover, a little milk may be added. Put into the oven and bake till the mixture sets, or it may be placed on the range, and when one side is browned turn and brown the other side.

Golden Nut Chartreuse

Vegetable stock, 2 cups. Corn meal mush, 1 quart. Bread crumbs.

Egg, 1.

Protose, or other nut food, 1/2 pound.


Make the filling same as for protose chartreuse; line the pan with the mush, put in the filling, and cover with mush. Bake, and when cold cut into slices, egg, crumb, and bake. Serve with gravy.

Corn Fritters

Green corn pulp, 1 pint. Milk, 4 tablespoonfuls. Flour, cup. Eggs, 4.

Mix the corn, milk, flour, and yolks of the eggs together thoroughly. Then fold in the well-beaten whites of the eggs, and fry by spoonfuls.

Protose And Rice Chowder

Protose, pound. Rice, cooked, 1 cup. Potatoes, . pound. Butter, 1 tablespoonful. Vegetable stock, I cup. Bread, loaf. Cream, or milk, 1 cup. Salt and mace to taste.

Put the butter in a deep dish, melt, then add a layer of the protose, sliced quite thin, then sprinkle with mace, salt, and bits of butter. Then add a layer of the sliced potatoes, sprinkle with part of the rice, then a layer of bread, then more salt, bits of butter, and minced onion. Add the remainder in the same order, and pour over all one cup of hot vegetable stock. Cover, set on range, and let simmer one-half hour, then pour over all one cup of hot cream or milk, and serve.