Nut And Vegetable Stew

Nuttolene, 1 cup. Turnips, cup. Chopped celery, cup. Bay leaf, 1. Salt.

Carrots, 1 cups. Potatoes, 1 cups. Onion, small, 1. Butter, 1 lump.

Put all on, except nuttolene and potatoes, and boil one hour. Then add potatoes and nuttolene and cook slowly until potatoes are done. Salt to taste. Thicken with a little flour, work smooth with a lump of butter. A little protose might also be added.

Stewed Protose (Spanish)

Butter, 1 tablespoonful.

Minced parsley, I tablespoonful.

Tomatoes, 4 cups.

Onions, 4.

Flour, 2 tablespoonfuls.

Protose, 1 pound.

Put the butter into a saucepan and add the sliced onion, minced parsley, and cook ten minutes. Then stir in the flour, mix well, and add the tomatoes-Stir well to free from lumps. Cover and cook twenty to thirty minutes. Slice the protose into small pieces and simmer in sauce ten minutes. Salt, and serve.

Protose Fricassee

Tomatoes, 1 cup.

Minced parsley, 1 teaspoonful.

Protose, 1 pound.

Vegetable stock, 2 cups.

Mixed herbs, teaspoonful.

Onion, 1.

Eggs (yolks), 2.

Mince the onion and braize in a little butter or olive oil five minutes; add the minced parsley strained tomatoes, mixed herbs, and vegetable broth. Bring to a boil and add the protose, cut into cubes or diamonds of one-half inch. Cook for a few minutes and thicken with a few spoonfuls of flour rubbed smooth in a little water. Salt to taste, and serve. Just before serving add the beaten yolks.

Protose Steak Smothered In Onions

Protose, pound.

Cooking oil, cup.


Onions, large, 6.

Vegetable stock, 2 cups.

Cut the protose into twelve slices, lay half of them in an oiled baking-pan; have the onions sliced and lightly browned in the oil. Cook half of the 'onions over the protose, then put on the rest of the protose, then the remainder of the onions, pouring the vegetable stock over all. Salt to taste. Bake until the stock is reduced to a rich brown gravy.

Protose Smothered With Tomatoes

Protose, pound.

Butter, cup.


Tomatoes, 12.

Sugar, 2 tablespoonfuls.

Celery salt.

Cut protose into twelve slices and cut each tomato in half. Put one slice of tomato in a baking-pan; on this put a slice of the protose, then a slice of tomato on top, and so on, making twelve orders in all. Chop the butter in little pieces and sprinkle over, also the salt and celery salt. Cover and bake until the tomato is nearly done. Then remove the cover and brown very lightly. Serve two slices to each person, garnished with parsley.

Protose Pot Roast

Protose, pound. Strained tomatoes, 1 cup. Vegetable soup stock, 2 cups. Salt to taste.

Mix the vegetable stock with the strained tomatoes, salt to taste, and pour over the protose, which has been sliced and placed in a baking-pan. Bake one hour.