1 bundle asparagus

2 tablespoonfuls butter

2 tablespoonfuls flour

1 pint milk

1/2 pint bread-crumbs

4 eggs

1 teaspoonful salt

1 saltspoonful pepper

Peel and cut the asparagus into one-inch lengths; throw them into cold water for a half hour; then into boiling salted water and boil for thirty minutes. Rub the butter and flour together; add the milk; stir until boiling; add the salt and pepper. Hard-boil the eggs; chop fine, and add them to the sauce. Put a layer of asparagus into the bottom of a baking-dish, then a layer of sauce, then a sprinkling of bread-crumbs, and so continue until the ingredients are used, having the last layer of crumbs. Bake in a quick oven until a golden brown - about twenty minutes.

This dish takes the place of meat and may be served at either dinner, luncheon or supper. An easy way is to boil two bundles of asparagus, having one served plain with sauce Hollandaise one day, and the other breaded for dinner or supper the next day.