Stewed Green Lima Beans

Throw the beans into boiling unsalted water; boil half an hour; drain and empty on a platter. Slip each bean out of its hull, the same as you would slip an almond from its skin. Put them back into a double boiler with sufficient water, milk or cocoa-nut milk to cover. Simmer gently twenty minutes. Season with salt, pepper and butter and serve.

Baked Lima Beans

Wash fresh lima beans; boil until tender; slip out of the skin as directed in preceding recipe; cover with fresh water, boil until tender and press them through a colander. Add an equal quantity of mashed potatoes; beat until light; add a tablespoonful of butter, a half cup of hot milk, salt and pepper. Turn this into a baking-dish and brown in the oven.

String Beans

String the beans and then cut them crosswise into very short lengths, or cut them in three pieces lengthwise. Drop into cold water for half an hour; drain and throw into boiling salted water; boil forty minutes. Drain again. Add a half teaspoonful of salt, a dash of pepper, and a tablespoonful of butter. Serve in a heated dish, uncovered.

String Beans With Cream

Boil precisely the same as in preceding recipe. Add to them, when done, a half cup of cream with the salt and pepper.