Cabbage Salad

Cut a hard head of cabbage into halves; shave with a slaw-cutter, or with a knife, as fine as possible. As fast as it is shredded, throw into a bowl of ice water; soak two hours, changing the water once. At serving time drain the cabbage, lay on a towel and twist the towel, wringing it dry. Put it in a salad-bowl, pour over French dressing, mix thoroughly, and serve. In winter the cabbage may be mixed with a little chopped celery, or use in the dressing celery seed or celery salt.

Cabbage Salad In A Cabbage-Cup

Select a medium-sized hard head of cabbage. Cut a thick slice from the top; remove centre of head, leaving a wall of three or four leaves. Trim the stem end so that the "cup" will stand. Chop fine the cabbage removed from the centre; throw it into cold water. When ready to serve, drain, spread on a clean towel and wring until the cabbage is dry; mix with it a well-made Farmer's dressing, Sidney Smith's dressing, or plain mayonnaise. Decorate the cabbage-cup on the outside with whole cloves, sticking them in up to the heads. This may be done in rows or diamonds, or in Walls of Troy. Fill the mixture into the cabbage-cup; stand on a round plate and serve.