6 hard-boiled eggs

1 head lettuce

1/2 cup mayonnaise dressing

1 tablespoonful chopped parsley

1 tablespoonful chopped chives

2 tablespoonfuls vinegar

1/2 teaspoonful paprika

1/2 teaspoonful salt

1 saltspoonful pepper

Remove shells from eggs and cut into halves crosswise. Take out the yolks and take a chipping from the bottom of each white to make it stand. Mash the yolks through a sieve; add the salt, pepper, chives and parsley. Then add gradually the vinegar. Make this mixture into balls and put them into the whites of the eggs. Garnish a round dish with lettuce leaves; stand the eggs in the centre; add the paprika to the mayonnaise, mix; put a teaspoonful on the top of each yolk and send at once to the table. The appearance of the salad may be varied by slitting the whites of the eggs down in the form of a daisy, putting the balls in the centre. Then pass the mayonnaise in a boat.

Egg And Beet Salad

Chop fine a good-sized pickled or boiled beet. Poach six eggs until rather hard; trim neatly and stand aside until very cold. When ready to serve put each egg in a nest of crisp lettuce leaves; cover it over with the chopped beet; put right in the centre a teaspoonful of stiff mayonnaise, and serve. These are nice in the summer with sandwiches, for supper.