Peel six medium-sized solid tomatoes; cut into halves and press out the seeds. Put two tablespoonfuls of butter into a saucepan and add two chopped onions; stand this on the back part of the stove where the onion will cook without browning. Add a teaspoonful of curry powder, a teaspoonful of turmeric, a half pint of water, or better, cocoanut milk. Stir until boiling; put in the tomatoes, cover the saucepan and cook slowly for twenty minutes. While these are cooking, boil a half pound of rice; turn it into a colander and stand it at the oven door to dry. Heap this in the centre of a platter; put around the tomatoes, which should be whole and soft; strain over the sauce and send at once to the table. Serve with this an egg dish and baked or fried bananas.