These thick soups are nice for luncheon or supper, or for a dinner where light vegetables follow. They have meat value. Pass ship-biscuit or unleavened bread, and olives, celery or radishes when serving chowder.

Corn Chowder

1 quart grated corn

4 good-sized potatoes

2 medium-sized onions

2 tablespoonfuls butter

1/2 pint boiling water

3 tablespoonfuls flour

1 pint milk

6 water-crackers, or 3 ship-biscuits

Yolks of 3 eggs

1 teaspoonful salt

Pare and cut the potatoes into dice; chop the onion; put a layer of potato in the kettle, then a sprinkling of onion, then a layer of corn, then potato, and so continue until all are in. Add the water; cover the kettle and place over a slow fire where the contents will simmer twenty minutes. Rub butter and flour together; add milk and salt; stir until boiling. When hot, take from the fire and add the egg yolks beaten with two tablespoonfuls of milk. Turn all into the tureen; crush the crackers and sprinkle over the top. Serve at once.