1 bundle salsify (12 roots)

1 pint milk

1 onion

4 medium potatoes

Yolks of 2 eggs

1/2 cupful lentils

1 teaspoonful celery salt

3 tablespoonfuls butter

1 quart boiling water

Wash and soak the lentils over night; drain and scald. Scrape the salsify and put it at once in cold water to prevent discoloration; pare and cut the potato into dice; chop the onion; slice the salsify crosswise; put it in the kettle with the onion, lentils and water; cover and cook for half an hour. Add the potatoes and cook twenty minutes longer. Beat the egg yolks with two tablespoonfuls of milk; add the remaining milk to the chowder; when hot add the butter and celery salt; take from the fire and add the yolks. In stirring be careful not to break the lentils or potatoes.