3 tablespoonfuls nut or dairy butter

1 pint flour 1 egg

2 teaspoonfuls baking powder

1/4 teaspoonful salt

2/3 cup milk

Add the salt and the baking-powder to the flour and sift it, rub in the butter. Beat the egg without separating and add the milk; add this gradually to the flour. There may be a little too much, so do not add it all at one time. The dough must be sufficiently stiff to roll easily. Roll it out in a sheet a quarter inch thick and cut into strips ten inches long and one inch wide. Wind them round cannelon moulds; stand them in a pan; brush the top with a little of the egg and milk; dust with granulated sugar, and bake in a quick oven twenty minutes. Remove the moulds and put them back in the oven for five or ten minutes to dry. Have ready any fruit in season, peaches, chopped and sweetened, strawberries, stemmed and sweetened, raspberries or apricots. Fill the cannelon with the sweetened fruit. Lay them on a platter, and send to the table. They are usually served with a pitcher of milk or cream, and eaten the same as strawberry shortcake.