Cherry Salad

Select large ox heart or black eagle cherries; stone carefully without breaking the cherries; put these on crisp lettuce leaves on individual dishes; pour over French dressing and serve.

Spring Salad

Make a cherry salad according to the preceding recipe; fill it into cups made from halves of orange skins and serve them on crisp lettuce leaves.

Chinese Salad

1 cup rice

1/2 can mushrooms

6 tablespoonfuls oil

1 tablespoonful soy

2 tablespoonfuls lemon juice

1/4 pound almonds

1 teaspoonful salt

Wash and boil the rice; dry and cool it. It must be sufficiently dry when cold to be taken up in the hands without stickiness. Put the rice into a bowl; sprinkle over the salt. Blanch the almonds, dry, chop and sprinkle them over the rice. Make a French dressing; beat it until quite thick and then add the soy. Slice the mushrooms; put them over the nuts and then pour over the French dressing. Toss and serve on lettuce leaves. It is wise to mix the rice in one bowl and have the lettuce dry in another. In dishing, put the lettuce on the serving-plates and ladle in the salad.

Plain Cucumber Salad

Select fresh crisp full-grown cucumbers. Pare and soak in cold water for half an hour, then slice very fine. Throw into ice water for one or two hours; drain; put them in a towel; twist slightly to dry. Place them in a salad-bowl that has been lined with lettuce leaves and serve with French dressing.

Cantaloupe Salad

If cantaloupes are not sufficiently tasty to be eaten as fruit they may be used the same as alligator pears, made very cold and served with French dressing.

Cauliflower Salad

Wash and soak a loose head of cauliflower; drain it; tie in cheesecloth and drop in a kettle of boiling salted water. Boil uncovered thirty minutes; when done, lift the cover; drain the cauliflower in a colander and then with a sharp knife cut it apart into flowerets and stand aside until very cold. At serving time arrange these neatly in a salad-bowl, with or without lettuce; dust it thickly with chopped parsley; pour over French dressing, and serve.

Celery Salad

Wash, cut and soak the desired amount of crisp celery. At serving time, drain and dry. Put into a salad-bowl, pour over French dressing, and mix thoroughly. Celery may also be served with mayonnaise dressing at supper or luncheon.

Chicory Salad

Chicory, endive, Romaine, corn salad, cress, escarole and dandelions are simply washed, soaked in cold water until crisp, drained, dried and served with French dressing.

Carrot Salad

Scrape, cut into slices and then into fancy shapes, four large carrots. Soak in cold water for half an hour, and then cook in boiling unsalted water until tender. Drain and dry. Line the salad bowl with crisp lettuce leaves, and arrange on top the carrots. Use French or Italian dressing.