Peach Of Montreal

Origin, France; tree vigorous, shoots light brown.

Fruit large, roundish oblong; skin thin and tenacious; surface smooth, glossy, white, lightly washed with dull red, indistinctly striped crimson, without bloom; dots yellow or brown; cavity regular, medium, russet circles; stem medium, slender, long; basin regular, medium, abrupt, furrowed; calyx medium, nearly closed; segments long, narrow, slightly reflexed. Core wide, conical, clasping, large; seeds large, short, brown, ten in number; flesh yellowish white, finegrained, tender, juicy, brisk, sprightly subacid, good. Early autumn. (U. S. Div. of Pomology, 1902.)

Walter Pease

Originated in Somers, Connecticut, by Walter Pease, about the first of the nineteenth century.

Fruit large, roundish; surface smooth, greenish yellow, washed with pale brick red, splashed and striped with crimson; slight bloom; dots numerous, light russet or gray; cavity large, regular, deep, flaring, greenish, and very slightly russeted; stem short, of medium caliper, curved; basin medium to large, regular, medium to deep, abrupt, furrowed; calyx medium size, nearly closed; segments long, narrow, converging, reflexed at point. Core medium, oval, meeting, nearly closed; seeds few, medium size, angular, brown; flesh whitish, moderately fine-grained, tender, juicy, subacid, very good. Autumn. (U. S. Div. of Pomology, 1895.)

Peck Pleasant

Origin, Rhode Island; tree spreading, of moderate vigor, productive and a regular bearer.

Fruit large, roundish, somewhat angular, or flattened, and with a shallow furrow on one side; surface smooth, a beautiful clear yellow, with bright blush; dots few, gray, with white bases; cavity wide, rather wavy; stem very thick, fleshy, knobby, very short; basin narrow, abrupt, rather deep; calyx small, open; segments short. Core large, closed, clasping; seeds many, angular; flesh yellowish, very tender, fine-grained, crisp, juicy, delicious aromatic, sprightly subacid, very good or best. Early winter.


Originated near Richland, Minnesota, in 1864 or 1865.

Fruit large, roundish oblate, regular; surface greenish, striped and splashed rather thinly with dull red, slightly marbled on sunny side; cavity wide, with radiating green (a characteristic); stem short; basin wide, usually abrupt and wavy; calyx closed, or half open. Core closed, clasping; cells round, slit; tube funnel-shaped; stamens marginal; seeds eight to ten, long, pointed, rather slender; flesh firm, juicy, pleasant subacid, good. Late fall, early winter.

Apple Variety: Peerless



" A variety originated by Mr. George P. Peffer, of Pewaukee, Wis., from seeds of Pewaukee apple, and named in his honor. It is thought to be better than the parent variety in some respects, and I bespeak for it a trial in the colder States. Size medium to large; shape, diameters nearly equal, angular, irregular, slightly lop-sided; surface polished, yellow, with abundant splashes and specks of bright red and scarlet, handsome; dots numerous, brown or gray; basin deep, abrupt, irregular or ribbed; eye open, large, with reflexed sepals; cavity medium, sloping, nearly regular, very slightly russeted; stem short, thick, fleshy; core open, small, meeting the deep eye cavity; seeds many, large, plump; flesh white, tender, fine-grained, juicy; flavor subacid; quality fair to good. Season, early winter in Wisconsin." (H. E. Van Deman, U. S. Pomologist, 1889.)