Amarelle Bunte

Fruit large, round; stalk moderately long and stout; cavity shallow; skin yellow, covered with fine red. Flesh slightly colored, firm, tender, juicy, subacid; stone large. Very good. Season, second week in June. Tree upright grower, foliage large and coarse. Does well in south Iowa and Missouri.

Cherry: Amarelle Hative

Amarelle Hative.

Amarelle Hative

Fruit large, obtusely heart - shaped, with slight trace of suture; color nearly black; stalk one and one-half to two inches long in deep cavity. Flesh colored, mildly acid; quality very good. Season, ten days later than Early Richmond. Of Vladimir type of tree and fruit. Russia.


Large to very large, round; color dark, yet almost transparent; stem quite large, medium in length; fruits usually in pairs. Flesh subacid; quality very good for a Morello variety. Grown in Maryland. Commercial.

Belle Magnifique

Fruit medium to large, heart-shaped; color pinkish red and yellow; stem one and one-half to two inches long, in rather deep cavity. Flesh firm, white; uncolored juice; quality only fair. Season, last of July. Tree about as hardy as Dyehouse. This appears to be a cross between the Morello and Mazzard classes.

Bessarabian (No. 62)

Medium to large; oblate heart-shaped; color clear red; stem one to one and one-half inches long, slender at upper end, inserted in broad and quite deep cavity. Flesh meaty, slightly colored, mildy acid; quality very good. Tree very hardy far North when on its own or other hardy roots. Bears most regularly on thin rather poor soils, where it makes less growth of tree. Russia.

Brusseler Braune

Fruit large, nearly round, heart-shaped, conical; color dark red, and nearly black when fully ripe; stem one and one-half to two inches long, in rather Belle Magnifique.

Bunte Morello

Fruit of largest size, somewhat pear-shaped; color bright red; stalk one and one-half inches long, slender, inserted in deep abrupt cavity; suture well defined. Flesh light-colored, meaty, juicy, subacid, and best in quality. From North Silesia, Germany. It seems to be a cross between the Dukes and Morellos, About as hardy as the Dyehouse, broad deep cavity; suture slightly depressed, with slight line in centre. Flesh firm, meaty, colored, subacid, and best in quality of the Morello class. A round-topped tree, bearing regular and full crops. Russia.

Cherry: Bunte Morello