Large, oval, compressed; color dark red, but paler on shady side, without dots; suture obscure. Flesh yellow, rich, quite firm; quality very good. Season, early. Minnesota. Americana.

American Eagle

Large, oblong oval, somewhat compressed; color dark red over yellow ground, with numerous yellow dots; stem one inch long; suture indistinct. Flesh reddish yellow, firm; quality very good. Season, September. Originated in Missouri. Americana.


Large, roundish, conical; color bright red, with numerous large dots and Aitkin, pale lilac bloom; stalk one-half to five-eighths of an inch long, in broad shallow cavity; suture quite distinct. Flesh light yellow, firm, sugary, rich; quality good to best. Tree very hardy. Hybrid of Americana and triflora.


Large, roundish oblate; color reddish purple; stem short, stout, inserted in medium deep cavity; suture obscure. Flesh firm, flavor rather acid; quality fair to good. One of Burbank's hybrids, now grown in New York and South. Japan and Angustifolia.

Arkansas (Arkansas Lombard)

Medium, roundish oval; color bright red, with small dots and white bloom; stem long, slender, inserted in very shallow cavity. Flesh soft; quality good. Season, two weeks later than Wildgoose. Grown in Pennsylvania and South Arkansas. Angustifolia.

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