This genus contains several species of ornamental rock and border plants with finely divided fern-like foliage, and mostly with bright-yellow or golden blossoms in such species as A. amurensis, 9-12 in., with its double variety flowers in January and February; A. distorta, which flowers in April; A. pyrenaica (fig. 180), about July; and A. vernalis, 1-2 ft. high, which has bright-yellow flowers about 3 in. across, from March to May. A.autum-nalis - the "Red Morocco" or "Scarlet Adonis" - has scarlet flowers from July to September, and A. oestivalis has scarlet flowers in June - both kinds being annuals. The perennial yellow-flowered forms are popular with nurserymen, and are best increased by seeds and division in early spring. They flourish in any good garden soil, but do not like to be too much disturbed.