The green-leaved and variegated form of A. lurida are ever-popular market plants, specimens in 5-in. and 6-in. pots realizing from 20s. to 30s. per dozen - the variegated forms, in which the leaves are striped with yellow and white, fetching twice as much as a rule. To secure fine foliage plants a stove or warm greenhouse temperature and plenty of moisture are necessary during active growth. The plants should also be frequently syringed to keep the foliage clean and bright and free from Red Spider, thrips, Mealy Bug, and scale. A good rich loamy soil, with a little sand and leaf mould, should be used for potting. Propagation is effected by cutting the rhizomes into pieces, potting them up, and plunging in a brisk bottom heat with plenty of moisture until well established. Before taking to market the plants are usually hardened off in a lower temperature.