The finest species for market work is C. grandiflora, a beautiful North American biennial, 1-2 ft. high, with erect slender stems and brilliant yellow flower heads. It is an excellent plant for cutting during the summer and autumn. It is best raised from seeds sown each year in April or May, afterwards transplanting the seedlings 1 ft. apart in rows 18 in. asunder to flower the following year. Basal shoots without flower buds may also be detached in August and September, and dibbled in during showery weather. They will root and flower the next year. The best perennial for cutting is C. lanceolata, very similar to but not so fine as C. grandiflora. Both kinds find a sale for the plants as well as the flowers. Amongst the annual kinds the best are Drummondi, aristosa, Atkinsoniana, and coronata, all yellow, the two last-named having a reddish-purple blotch. C. tinctoria and its variety atrosan-guinea are deep blood-red forms.