This fine Colombian bulbous plant is still valued as a market crop. It flourishes in rich and rather heavy loam with a little well-decayed manure or leaf mould and sand. Stove treatment is necessary, and plenty of water during growth and frequent syringings to keep the foliage clean. When coming into bloom a little weak liquid-manure water may be given occasionally. The pure-white flowers are packed in shallow boxes in cotton wool, about two dozen flowers to a box, prices ranging from 1s. to 10s. per dozen according to circumstances during the winter months. When several bulbs are placed in large pots or tubs, they grow well for several years without repotting, although they receive, perhaps, an annual topdressing. To keep the plants free from Mealy Bug, scale, and Thrips, the syringe should be freely used, with nicotine or quassia solutions occasionally. Sometimes the mite is troublesome, perhaps owing to too high a temperature, and badly infested bulbs should be burned. Others may be dipped in a strong solution of permanganate of potash. Other species of Eucharis are Bakeriana, Mastersi, Sanderiana, Lowi, all with white flowers but not so valuable as E. grandiflora (fig. 280).

Eucharis grandiflora (amazonica).

Fig. 280. - Eucharis grandiflora (amazonica).