This graceful Fern-like Australian plant is largely grown for market. It is raised from seeds sown in heat in February or March in pots or shallow boxes in sandy soil. The young plants soon appear, and when 2 or 3 in. high are placed singly in small pots, in which they are grown on quickly. They are again moved into 5-in. pots, either singly or in pairs, being potted rather firmly in a compost of gritty loam and leaf mould. They are grown during the summer months in a fairly moist atmosphere, and are shaded from strong sunshine. By autumn the plants are marketable size and sell during the winter months, realizing from 9s. to 18s. per dozen. If hardened off before sale, the plants last fairly well and will not drop the lower leaves. Older and bigger plants are useful for subtropical bedding during the summer months.