This is the well-known Pampas Grass of South America, with long grey-green swordlike leaves, 6 ft. or more long, and dense erect silvery-white plumes of flowers borne on stalks 10-12 ft. high. Tufts are sold generally in spring, but the trade is not large. Warm, sheltered, and sunny spots are best for the plants, and each autumn a top-dressing of well-rotted manure will be beneficial. There is a variety roseum with rose-coloured plumes. G. conspicua, the Silvery Reed Grass of New Zealand, is a kind of smaller Pampas Grass worth stocking by hardy-plantsmen. It grows about 5 ft. high.

Pampas Grass. Gynerium (Cortadeira) Argenteum

Fig. 206. - Pampas Grass.