This British plant, with creeping stems, roundish glistening - green leaves, and yellow flowers from June to August, is a popular market plant, and is largely grown for window-box decoration in summer and also for rock gardens. It grows in any garden soil, and is easily propagated by division in early autumn. The golden - leaved form (aurea) is particularly attractive for ground work, but not for window boxes. In spring the plants are often lifted and placed in 5-in. pots, and stood on shelves in a greenhouse to bring them along earlier and thus secure better prices - about 4s. per dozen - in market. The "roots" are sold freely also, and realize about 6d. per dozen in spring.

Other species of Lysimachia are L. clethroides, from Japan, 2-3 ft. high, with conical spikes of white flowers from July to September; and L. punctata (or verticillata), a bushy plant with yellow flowers.