The common Marigold is already dealt with under the name of Calendula officinalis (which see). The French Marigold (Tagetes patula) in numerous varieties grows from 6-12 in. high, has finely divided leaves, and flower heads of golden brown, yellow, orange, etc, in various shades, many being beautifully striped and mottled. The nana or "Pigmy" strain is valuable for edgings.

The African Marigold (Tagetes erecta) grows 2 ft. or more high, has lance-shaped leaves deeply cut in on both sides, and produces large heads of beautiful soft-yellow, lemon, and orange flowers.

Both the French and African Marigolds are half-hardy annuals, easily raised from seeds sown in gentle heat in February or March. The young plants are pricked off into shallow boxes, or singly into small pots, and sell readily for bedding out in April, May, and June (fig. 225).

French and African Marigolds.

Fig. 225. - French and African Marigolds.