Under this name several garden forms of Tropaeolum majus and T. minus are grown and sold in pots or boxes early in the year for bedding out. Being easily grown annuals the seeds are sown in any ordinary compost in February, March, or April, and the young plants are fit for sale in May and June. The tall, coarse-growing varieties of T. majus are not so much appreciated as the dwarfer forms, but they are very effective over arches, trellises, etc, in summer. Some of the best tall varieties are King Theodore, deep crimson; Queen Alexandra, blood red, variegated leaves; Queen of Spain, golden yellow with brown spots, and variegated leaves; Vesuvius, deep apricot; and many others in various shades. Amongst the dwarf or "Tom Thumb" section are Golden Cloth, scarlet, yellow leaves; Empress of India, intense crimson; King, brilliant scarlet; and many other fine varieties. There are also double-flowered forms with yellow and scarlet flowers; and a new dwarf "Liliput" strain, which form compact bushy plants smothered in bloom in a great variety of colours.