A large genus of tuberous-rooted plants from various parts of the world, easily recognized by their lobed leaves. Some kinds are grown in greenhouses, but several are fairly hardy. Among these latter one of the best is enneaphylla (tig. 231), from the Falkland Islands, with tubular white (or rose) flowers in summer. It likes moist shady positions in the rock garden, and is increased by separation of the offsets. A closely related species is adenophylla, which has larger pink or rose flowers. 0. crenata and 0. Deppei are valued for their edible tubers, but there are about 200 other species having a general resemblance in blossom, the colours of which are either white, rose, or yellow.

Oxalis enneaphylla.

Fig. 231. - Oxalis enneaphylla.