Out of some 450 species of Sage there are only two or three species largely grown for decorative work. S. splendens is a Brazilian plant, 2-3 ft. high, remarkable for its brilliant scarlet flowers, which are produced in abundance. There are several fine varieties of it, easily raised from cuttings in sandy soil in spring, and plunged in a hotbed till rooted; or many of them may be raised from seeds sown at the same period. Some of the best forms are grandiflora, Glory of Stuttgart, and Glory of Zurich - the latter being perhaps the best and most popular for bedding-out work. It is a magnificent plant of bushy habit, and produces its flaming scarlet blossoms in profusion during the summer months. A new yellow-flowered variety has recently appeared, and has yet to make its way. Other scarlet-flowered Sages are coccinea, elegans, fulgens, gesneroefolia, Heeri, involucrate Bethelli, rutilans, etc, all of which require the same treatment as S. splendens.

Amongst the best blue-flowered Salvias are S. azurea, 3-6 ft. high, and S. patens, 2-3 ft. high, both very deep in colour, but with flowers more loosely borne than in the scarlet forms.

Amongst hardy Salvias, S. argentea, with large downy white leaves and branching trusses of white flowers, is noteworthy.