A genus of annual and perennial herbs useful for beds, borders, and rockeries. S. calabrica is a fine annual, 6-12 in. high, with rosy flowers. There are several varieties, all easily raised from seeds sown in heat or in the open air in spring, and also in early autumn. S. Vaccaria - the Cowherb - is a European annual, 1-2 ft. high, with panicles of red flowers.

Amongst perennials the best are the Common Soapwort (officinalis), also known as "Bouncing Bet". It grows 1-2 ft. high, and has white or lilac flowers. The double-flowered pink form is a good plant S. coespitosa is a good tufted rock plant with pink flowers, and S. ocymoides, with myriads of rose-pink flowers, is a trailing plant for the rockery. It has a white variety.