The fact that such a troublesome weed as the Common Groundsel (S. vulgaris) belongs to this genus is not in its favour. Still there are several kinds so free in growth and bold in habit, and so useful for rough soils, that they might be grown in small quantities. The best of these coarse-growing kinds are S. Doria, S. macrophyllus, and S. sarra-cenicus, all with yellow flower heads; and 8. sagittifolius, which is creamy white. S. clivorum has large leaves and deep orange-yellow flower heads, and is well adapted for marshy spots, or on the banks of streams, etc. 8. pulcher, with beautiful rose-purple flower heads, is a charming perennial, 2-3 ft. high, from Buenos Ayres, but it is rather difficult to grow well, and is not hardy in all parts. S. elegans is a fine South African annual 1-2 ft. high, with purple heads having yellow centres; but there are many garden forms with colours varying from white to lilac, rose, crimson, purple, magenta, etc. They are raised from seeds like the China Asters.