Of all water plants there are none so popular as the hardy Nym-phwas and the many glorious hybrids that have been raised of late years, and of which detailed descriptions will be found in The Bulb Book. The trade is confined to the rootstocks in spring, and besides the pure white-flowered common Water Lily (N. alba, fig. 254) there are varieties now with rose, cream, pink, crimson, pale and deep yellow, and other shades, all charming. The common British "Brandy Bottle" (Nuphar luteum) is also dealt in, but the trade in the tropical kinds like amazonum (or ampla), white; devoniensis, rose; Lotus, red and white; stellata, blue; gigantea, blue; and others is somewhat restricted. The Marliacea hybrids are the most popular, and open-air water gardens are being developed in many large private places and public parks and gardens.

Water Lily (Nymphoea alba).

Fig. 254. - Water Lily (Nymphoea alba).