Some market growers favour Climbing French Beans for an early greenhouse crop. The seeds are sown in February or March, in or pots, or in nicely prepared soil in the greenhouse beds and borders. One of the most important features of cultivation is to keep the temperature of the house up to about 75° F. The temperature should not fall much below 70° F. at night, nor be allowed to rise much above 80° F. by day. Great care also is taken to keep the atmosphere in a fairly humid condition. This is secured by giving copious supplies of water when the soil is evidently in need of it, and also by syringing the foliage two or three times a day, especially during genial weather. Tender pods realize anything from 6d. to 1s. per pound in a favourable market. As a rule the crop is over in June or the first week in July. One of the best varieties to grow is Veitch's Climbing French.

Red Spider is kept in check by a moist atmosphere. Plenty of light should be given, and the ventilation should be regulated according to the state of the outside weather. [J. W].